Little League Players

2018 information will be available March 10th

  • The Little League Players is geared for students who have just completed 2nd grade through just completed 4th grade.
  • An informational Kick-Off Picnic will be held beginning at 5:00 on Monday night June 4th at Cambridge Middle School.
  • A full calendar of rehearsals can be found here or by scrolling to the bottom of the page.
  • Little League players meet for three weeks with a performance concluding the summer on June 28th at 3:00 at Cambridge Middle School.
  • The Little League Players meets Monday-Thursday from 1:00-4:00 at the Cambridge Middle School cafeteria. The program begins on Tuesday, June 12th and concludes on Thursday, June 28th.

    This program is designed to introduce students to theatre, help develop performing skills for returning students, and cultivate a foundation for being on stage that the students can carry into the middle school program.

    This year, the Little League Players will take to the deep sea as a bunch of scurvy buccaneers in the musical Pirates! Join the salty crew of colorful scallywags when Bluebeard, Yellowbeard, Whitebeard, Purplebeard – well, you get the picture – along with the No Beards, hoist the Jolly Roger and set sail for a mighty adventure!

    Cost for participation in this group is $80. That includes a Play Inc t-shirt as well as a ticket to one of our two other productions (Singin’ in the Rain, Jr., or Godspell) in July. Everybody who enrolls in the program will have an opportunity to perform.

    This program is open to the first 30 students who enroll.