For 15 season now Play Inc has been steadily growing and consistently providing some of the best theatre in the Cambridge-Isanti area. With the recent reorganization as Play Inc. Arts now, we are looking to expand what we do. However, not all activities are as financially sustaining as the theatre can be.

We are looking for the first time to our for operating donations. This is a chance Play Inc become an even greater center of artistic importance in our area.

We are announcing the first of four opportunities to help us grow financially to sustain and build our future programs.

The 15×10 Collective

We’d like to introduce the 15×10 Collective. We have an audience of well over 4000 different people who have seen our shows. We are looking for 10% of them to donate $150 for the next 10 years (15 seasons x 10 year commitment=$150). This would provide us with enough capital to fully fund some of our productions and market them to a bigger audience. It could also help us begin the purchase and renovation process on an existing building we’d like to move into. The 15×10 Collective will become the foundation and stability for us to plan (instead of guess) what money we will have to work with for the next 10 years.

What’s $150 dollars? One pizza a month. We want this collective to comprise 400 members. Members that will then get first crack at purchasing tickets to each and every production as well as any other special one only events that we will offer. We will also offer a reception prior to certain performances as a thank you for making Play Inc. Arts grow.

To join the collective follow this link and watch Play Inc Grow