Welcome to Play Inc Arts!!

Founded in 2005, the originally named Play Inc. Community Theatre grew out of the Summer Youth Theatre program offered through Community Education in Cambridge. Later joining The Cambridge Center for the Arts in 2010, Play Inc. continued to grow to include theatrical opportunities for adult. The recently dissolved Cambridge Center for the Arts has given Play Inc another chance to grow and change. The newly titled Play Inc Arts will now strive to provide a varied artistic outlet for the communities of Cambridge, Isanti, and the surrounding area.

Current opportunities include (further information below the listing):

  • upON Table Contest
  • 15×10 Collective Fundraising Drive
  • upON Table Contest

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    “UpON Table” is an opportunity for fine artists to create and submit a design or scene relating to theater, music or art, which if chosen, will then be painted on an unfinished wooden tabletop that will be used for seating patrons during Play Inc. Arts’ Theater performances. Ten finalists will be chosen based on creativity, style and relevance to the theme. Limited number of entries so don’t delay!

    Visit https://www.judgify.me/upONTableContest?fbclid=IwAR2tsD7Zmkhmgxc33kjF_O_t-YTrwzC8wMK_6AYnBFaZysaEUfuOuDFKq2E to read more and to enter!

    The 10×15 Collective

    The 10×15 collective is Play Inc’s First fundraising drive. We are looking for 400 donors to donate $150 for ten years to help us purchase and renovate a building for additional Arts opportunities in our community. To donate visit our campaign on causevox.com

    Upcoming Shows

    Visit our Shows page our upcoming events.
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